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William H Macy Backs Emmy Rossum on Equal ‘Shameless’ Pay: ‘Bout F—ing Time’ (Video)

Actress is holding out on Season 8 for same money as male co-star

William H. Macy’s got Emmy Rossum’s back over her Warner Bros. contract dispute.

The male “Shameless” star recently renegotiated his deal, something Rossum is trying to do right now. Season 8 of the Showtime series hangs in the balance, while the woman behind Fiona holds out for the same money as the actor who plays her estranged father, Frank.

While doing some shopping at The Grove in Los Angeles, Macy told a TMZ camera that it’s “’bout f—ing time” women make the same money as men. He even offered the paparazzi a pretty good history lesson about the Equal Rights Amendment.

“The only thing I’ve got over Emmy Rossum is I’m better looking,” Macy quipped to end the interview.

Macy has been Emmy-nominated as Frank Gallagher each of the last three years. Rossum has not.

Watch the video above.