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William Riker Chases an Ensign, Jean-Luc Picard Cusses in ‘Star Trek: TNG’ Season 7 Gag Reel (Video)

”The Next Generation“ star LeVar Burton cannot keep it together: ”I feel really silly“

Look out ladies, here comes Commander William T. Riker. Seriously, run faster, Tracy.

Actor Jonathan Frakes busts up himself and his colleagues, and chases an ensign in the gag reel from “Star Trek: The Next Generation’s” Season 7’s Blu-ray, which comes out next month.

Also in the snippet, exclusive to Uproxx, LeVar Burton cannot keep it together, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) has to drop a few profanity bombs when his toe gets smashed by the ironically named Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden).

Burton summed the outtakes up perfectly: “I feel really silly,” he said in the clip.

The seventh and final season of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” comes out on Blu-ray on Dec. 2.

Watch the video:

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