William Shatner at Comic-Con: ‘Success Has Always Eluded Me’

The former commander of the U.S.S. Enterprise made a surprising confession to Comic-Con fans on Friday

William Shatner, the man who will forever be known as Capt. Kirk, and he of seemingly healthy ego, had a confession to make at Comic-Con: He doesn’t consider himself a success.

At the geekathon to plug his new project, “The Captains,” he worked in a mention of his third autobiography and forthcoming album of covers themed to space exploration, “Seeking Major Tom.”

Nonetheless, he noted, with a proper dose of gravitas, that a question about his success was inapt.

“It’s always eluded me trying to find success,” he said.

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Shatner, whose Google+ account was briefly suspended, perhaps on suspicion a pretender had been using it, mentioned that he will cover “Bohemian Rhapsody” on his album.

“The Captains,” a project funded by and debuting today on the striving multi-platform network Epix (a Paramount/Lionsgate/MGM consortium), straightforwardly features interviews with past commanders of the pop-culture’s longtime favorite rocket ship. They include Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, Chris Pine, Avery Brooks and Scott Bakula.

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The latter two were present for a rather sedate panel discussion. Shatner told the audience that he initially had trouble had trouble coming up with the airfare to conduct his many one-on-one interviews for the project, until the head of the Canadian jet manufacturer Bombardier told him, “I’m an aeronautical engineer because of Star Trek.” Then the star began riding around in small jets, the Comic-Con crowd was left to imagine, like a Congressman on the take.

Bakula praised Shatner for putting his ego aside during interviews.

“He wasn’t trying to be the star of this–just doing an interview,” the star of the recently cancelled “Men of a Certain Age” said.

You heard it here first — humble Bill.