William Shatner Ends Chilly Twitter Standoff With Fellow ‘Star Trek’ Captain Jason Isaacs

The former James T. Kirk graciously unblocks actor after a nail-biter of a social-media Cold War

william shatner
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Captain’s log, stardate 41153.7 … well, Tuesday, anyway: William Shatner has apparently ended his beef with his fellow “Star Trek” captain Jason Isaacs.

Shatner, who famously portrayed Captain James T. Kirk on the original “Star Trek” series, has made nice with Jason Isaacs, who plays Captain Gabriel Lorca on the series “Star Trek: Discovery.” Or at least he’s decided to unblock Isaacs on Twitter.

Isaacs announced that he had been blocked by Shatner on Sunday in a question-filled tweet.

“I’ve been blocked by @WilliamShatner. The unkindest cut of all. In what way have I broken the prime directive Captain?” Isaacs wrote. “Was it the end of sentence minor-key uptick? The quizzical eyebrow (and blue eyeliner)? The just too-tight uniform? Forgive me my sins – it’s an homage, I swear.”

It’s unclear why Shatner blocked Isaacs, though it may have had something to do with a recent story published in a U.K. outlet which bore the headline, “Jason Isaacs hopes William Shatner won’t appear in Star Trek: Discovery as he teases ‘consequences’ to come.”

In the story, Isaacs is quoted as saying, “‘Kirk doesn’t come along for 10 years and when we meet him, he’s 26, so it would be a weird timeline if they met.”

Shatner was equally oblique in announcing his unblocking of Isaacs on Tuesday.

“He who must not be named’s bff is now unblocked,” Shatner tweeted in an apparent reference to Isaacs’ appearances in the “Harry Potter” films.

Despite Shatner’s somewhat chilly announcement, Isaacs gleefully reported the unblocking on his Twitter account.

“To be unblocked by @WilliamShatner I had to marry off a ginger royal, fire an intercontinental missile at Japan and get Trump not to insult heroic Native American code-talkers in front of an offensive painting of their worst enemy (that he put there),” Isaacs tweeted on Tuesday, referencing Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle, North Korea’s ICBM launch, and a certain Pocahontas-invoking statement made Monday by the Leader of the Free World. “#TwoOutOfThreesNotBad,” Isaacs added.

Maybe it was a Giving Tuesday act of charity on Shatner’s part?

Read the tweets below for the whirlwind skirmish between Shatner and Isaacs.