‘Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty’ Actors and Their Real-Life Counterparts (Photos)

Including Pat Riley and Larry Bird

Quincy Isaiah, Earvin Magic Johnson (Photo credit: HBO, Getty Images) 
Quincy Isaiah, Earvin Magic Johnson (Photo credit: HBO, Getty Images) 

Who doesn’t love watching a series that tells the true-life (or at least somewhat true-life) stories of real people? That’s what HBO’s hit series “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty” provides for NBA fans, Angelenos and TV viewers alike.

“Winning Time” doesn’t feature any of the real-life people that the series depicts, though some of the actors bear striking resemblances to their counterparts.

The show has a massive cast, with Quincy Isaiah (Earvin “Magic” Johnson”), John C. Reilly (Jerry Buss), Adrien Brody (Pat Riley) and others taking center stage as leads. There were also newcomers who stepped onto the court as guest stars for the second season, included Joel Allen as Kurt Rambis, Jay Davis as Byron Scott, Quentin Shropshire as James Worthy, Matthew Barnes as Mitch Kupchak, Darryl Reynolds as Robert Parish, Andrew Stephens as Kevin McHale and Larry C. Fields III as Eddie Jordan.

Other returning stars include Newton Mayenge as Jim Chones; Stephen Adly Guirgis, who plays Frank Marian; Joey Brooks, who plays Lon Rosen; Molly Gordon, who plays Linda Zafrani, Austin Aaron, who plays Mark Landsberger; Jimel Atkins who plays Jamaal Wilkes; Rob Morgan, who plays Earvin Sr.; Andy Hirsch, who plays David Stern; McCabe Slye, who plays Jimmy Buss; Gillian Jacobs who plays Chris Riley and Lola Kirke, who plays Karen West.

Here are the actors in character next to their real-life counterparts.