WME Invests in ‘Digital Butler’ App Humin: Ari Emanuel,, Richard Branson Among Beta Users

The new app officially launches August 14

WME has invested in Humin, a new app billing itself as a “digital butler” that officially launches on Thursday, Aug. 14. Humin’s beta users include, Richard Branson and WME’s Ari Emanuel.

Humin organizes an individual’s contacts and contextualizes them based on their relationships through social media profiles, calendar appointments and emails. Humin allows users to search their contacts based on things they remember, such as where a person works or a location they may have previously met someone.

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Just as they have been for 20 years, most people’s contacts are currently stored in one giant alphabetical list, but Humin remembers the context of those relationships and allows users to search their contacts the way they naturally think.

Instead of struggling to remember someone’s name, Humin lets users search based on the unique details, and can even reveal mutual friends and interests shared with new contacts. By capturing users’  daily encounters, Humin aims to make it easier to connect with people through geo-location capabilities.

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Humin bills itself as a secure app, as a user’s emails and text messages will never touch the company’s servers, and all passwords and authorization tokens are processed locally on their own device. Any information that Humin does collect is anonymized and encrypted using the industry’s most advanced standards, and the company has vowed never to share or sell personal information about users or their contacts.

For more about the Humin Experience, watch the video below.

Humin. Your Phone, Evolved. from Humin on Vimeo.