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‘The Wolf of BuzzFeed’ Hilariously Lampoons the Cat-Loving Website and Jonah Peretti (Video)

New parody video spoofs Martin Scorsese’s “Wolf of Wall Street” – swapping traders for bloggers

What if Jordan Belfort had been more into cats and the 90s?

Half Day Today explores that question in a funny new satirical trailer entitled “The Wolf of BuzzFeed.”

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The clip pokes fun at BuzzFeed — with its obsession for nostalgia listicles — and its founder Jonah Peretti, inserting them into the plot of Martin Scorsese‘s “Wolf of Wall Street.”

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“Name of the game, take a little bit off of every other website, put it onto your website,” an ersatz Matthew McConaughey tells Peretti.

“Yeah but if you cite sources and give people credit, it benefits everybody, right?” Peretti asks.

“No,” he is told bluntly.

The mock trailer chronicles Peretti’s rise to fame ala Belfort and the lengths he would go for page views.

“I love three things!” says a parody of the Jonah Hill character. “I love nostalgia, I love cat pictures and I love getting people hits!”

Watch the video below: