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‘Wonder Woman’ Drone Footage Reveals Themyscira Set (Video)

This is what daily life for Diana and the Amazons will look like in the DC Cinematic Universe.

An Italian drone camera picked up footage of shooting for “Wonder Woman” on Monday, revealing the film’s fictional island of Themyscira.

There seems to be no way to make a movie completely leak-proof, as Warner Bros. found out when news outlet TG1 aired the footage of the film’s cast and crew at work in the southern city of Matera.

Stars Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins are currently in Italy filming the upcoming DC Comics movie, which is set on the home island of Diana Prince and her fellow Amazons. The set and the extras look suitably exotic, and the footage also shows the cameras rolling on a little girl running through the streets of the idyllic world where women sell swords, food and pottery.

In an interview last month with The Los Angeles Times, Gadot explained that the upcoming movie will take place before “Batman v Superman” and depict Diana’s training to become Wonder Woman, as well as her first encounter with the world of men.

“When she starts this journey, she’s very pure,” she said. “She’s more naive, she’s this young idealist who does not really understand the complexities of life and the complexities of men.”

“Wonder Woman” will be open June 2, 2017.