‘Wonder Woman’ Passes Original ‘Spider-Man’ at Box Office, Reaches $800 Million Worldwide

The movie of the summer just passed one of the most famous comic book movies ever

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Warner Bros.

The summer box office may be struggling immensely, but for Warner Bros.’ “Wonder Woman,” the milestones and records just keep pouring in nearly three months after it first arrived in theaters. The film has now grossed over $800 million worldwide, and its $404 million domestic total puts it seventh all-time for superhero movies, passing the original “Spider-Man” made back in 2002.

While adjustments for inflation would still put the “Spider-Man” total well above “Wonder Woman,” only a small handful of superhero films have been able to pass its raw total in the 15 years since it popularized the genre. “Wonder Woman” is just $4 million away from passing the last film to do it, “Captain America: Civil War,” which made $408 million domestically last year. Another million after that, and “Wonder Woman” would pass the $409 million made by “Iron Man 3,” putting it in the top five alongside “The Dark Knight,” “The Dark Knight Rises” and the two “Avengers” films.

With the heroine of Themiscyra matching the performance of a movie that featured nearly all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe roster, it’s little wonder that Warner Bros. is doing its best to make Wonder Woman a core element of the DC Extended Universe going forward. The marketing surrounding the upcoming “Justice League” is a sign of this. While the original synopsis for the film focused on Batman gathering the other DC heroes to form the titular super-team, the synopsis seen on toys for the film focuses more on Wonder Woman.

Meanwhile, WB is close to signing director Patty Jenkins to make “Wonder Woman 2,” which will be released in December 2019.

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Until then, “Wonder Woman” will get one last boost to its global box office numbers next weekend, when it opens in Japan.