New York Times Games Chief Insists Wordle Is at No Loss for Words – at Least, Not Yet

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Jonathan Knight debunks other rumors and insists the puzzle’s word list is long enough to last for “a couple of years”

No matter when you search “Wordle” on social media, someone’s always in a T-I-Z-Z-Y about whether the insanely popular online word game is trying to take advantage of the millions of players who sign on to solve the puzzle and share triumphs and frustrations with friends each day.

The conspiracy theories have only intensified since Wordle creator Josh Wardle sold the game to The New York Times in late January for an undisclosed seven-figure amount. When it comes to this five-letter word game, many Wordlers routinely turn to the four-letter variety.

Now New York Times General Manager of Games Jonathan Knight is seeking to reassure suspicious Wordle fans.