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The Working Actor: Three Guilds, Three Fees



Initiation fee = $2,211

Annual base dues = $116.00. In addition, members pay 1.85% of all individual earnings under SAG contracts between $1 and $200,000; and 0.5% of earnings from $200,001 through $500,000; plus 0.25% of earnings from $500,001 to a maximum of $1,000,000.



Initiation fee = $1,300.00 plus dues covering the first dues period.

Annual base dues = $63.90. In addition, members pay 0.743% of earnings $0.01- $100,000; 0.137% from earnings $100,000.01-$250,000. Maximum semi-annual dues is $1,012.40.



Initiation fee = $1,100.


Annual base dues = $118 per year. In addition, 2.25% of gross earnings under Equity contract. The maximum Equity earnings subject to working dues are $300,000 per year.


Kimberly Dilts’ Story – An Actor’s Problem


Kimberly Dilts received $2,998 for two days of work on an episode of “90210,” an AFTRA show.


She had to pay 10% to her agent and 15% to her manager. After taxes, she was left with $528.50.


Dilts then had to join AFTRA for $1,300. Dilts will receive roughly $400 (after taxes and agent and manager fees) in residuals for the two first showings of the show on TV. She could receive roughly $44 in residuals for a year’s worth of Internet streaming – if she’s lucky.