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World Cup Announcer Jonathan Pearce’s Gaffes Set Off Twitter Storm

The former ”Robot Wars“ commentator fails to grasp realities of goal-line camera technology in France-Honduras matchup

Former “Robot Wars” commentator Jonathan Pearce had a tough time telling goals from non-goals during the TV broadcast of Sunday’s France-Honduras World Cup matchup in Brazil, and he caught major heat from the Twitter-verse over it.

Despite slow-motion replays which showed the Honduras goalie inadvertently pushing the ball over the line and into the net for a goal, the British commentator seemed befuddled by the officials’ tech-aided call.

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“First they’re saying it’s not a goal, then they’re saying it’s crossed the line. Which is it?” he asked. Despite the clarity from the replay provided to the world’s TV viewing audience, he referred to the French score as controversial several times.

And later, he wrongly labeled a ball that hit the side netting as a goal.

Pearce may not have been on his game, but Twitter critics certainly were. Here are some of the better ones: