World Series 2016: All 7 National Anthem Performers Ranked From Worst to Best (Videos)

From Rachel Platten to Hunter Hayes, here’s how all the music stars’ versions of “The Star-Spangled Banner” stack up

national anthem - patrick stump, rachel platten, hunter hayes

7. Staind singer Anthony Lewis botched the words to the anthem so badly for Game 5 on Oct. 27 that he later offered an apology. His nasal delivery didn’t win over many folks, either.

6. Veteran Chicago crooner John Vincent was a bit pitchy in his rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” to open Game 4 on Oct. 29 — not only did he (oddly) take a breath in the middle of the word “gallantly” but he seemed to struggle with the final phrase.

5. To open Game 6 on Nov. 1, young country star Hunter Hayes gave a vibrato- and run-filled performance that was savaged on social media. One Twitter critic wrote that he “sounds like a pillowcase full of kittens being slung against a curb.”

4. The country music duo LoCash achieved some nice harmonizing to open Game 2 on Oct. 26 in Cleveland — though they seemed a little hesitant on the high note.

3. Chicago native and Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump delivered a quick but surprisingly strong performance at Game 3, hitting all the tricky notes and keeping the vocal flourishes in check.

2. “Fight Song” singer Rachel Platten inserted some pregnant pauses and offbeat phrasing choices in an otherwise solid rendition to open Game 1 on Oct. 25.

1. Keeping it classy, the string section of the world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra played the anthem for the final game of the series on Nov. 2. No missed word, no over-the-top vocal runs. Nice and simple.