Wrap-Ranker Oscars Poll: What Non-White Actor Most Deserved a Nomination?

Michael B. Jordan? Benicio del Toro? Vote for which performance should have been nominated for an Oscar.

For the second consecutive year, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences failed to nominate a single non-white person in any acting category. People both inside and outside the organization have decried this, citing many outstanding performances by non-white actors last year.

Sylvester Stallone managed to snag a nomination for “Creed,” but the Academy failed to recognize Michael B. Jordan for his critically acclaimed lead role.

Benicio del Toro turned in a downright scary performance as a hitman who also managed to be heartbreaking in “Sicario.”

And Jason Mitchell outright stole “Straight Outta Compton” as the smooth-talking, big-dreaming Eazy-E. The Academy has a history of recognizing scene-stealing debut roles, yet neglected Mitchell.

Vote for which non-white performance should have been nominated for an Oscar.

Non-White Actors the Oscars Overlooked


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