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Wrestlemania 32: Watch Shane McMahon Jump From Top of Hell in a Cell (Video)

WWE Universe: ”This Is Awesome“ chant or ”You Still Got It“?

Shane McMahon is a millionaire many, many times over. He doesn’t have to perform an extremely dangerous Leap of Faith flying elbow off the 20-something-foot-high Hell in a Cell, he chooses to.

Last night, the son of WWE mogul Vince McMahon — and very occasional professional wrestler affectionately known to the WWE Universe as Shane O’Mac — may have performed his most daring, dangerous and probably stupid high-risk maneuver to-date.

Towards the tail end of Shane’s Hell in a Cell match versus Wrestlemania legend The Undertaker, the businessman climbed to the very top of the cage — at least 20 feet up, if not 30 — and flew off, attempting a crippling elbow to the so-called dead man, who was sprawled out (way) below on the announce table.

The move was going to hurt Shane no matter what happened, but it was a desperate attempt to defeat his dad’s enforcer, which would have given the younger male McMahon control of flagship TV series “Monday Night Raw.” (That was the storyline, at least.) Unfortunately for Shane-O, there was no one home in the end, as ‘Taker slid out of the way just in time. Here’s the understatement of the year: Ouch.

Shortly thereafter, a beat-up Shane was mercifully put down by a Tombstone piledriver, effectively ending the story arc. The whole thing practically ended the guy’s life, though.

Watch the video above.