‘WWE Day Of’: Go Behind-the-Scenes as Becky Lynch Learns She Can’t Fight at ‘Survivor Series’ (Video)

“I don’t want to be watching somebody else in my spot,” “SmackDown” Women’s Champion says in tearful web-doc

Don’t cry, Becky Lynch: It can’t be good for the tear ducts behind a broken nose.

Monday was a rough day for the WWE “SmackDown Live” Women’s Champion, as she got decked by Nia Jax while leading an invasion of “Monday Night Raw.” The wayward blow resulted in a “broken face” and a “severe concussion,” in WWE’s words.

Tuesday was also pretty painful for Lynch. After spending the previous night in the emergency room, WWE’s medical staff informed Lynch that she could not participate at Sunday pay-per-view “Survivor Series.” The whole thing was caught on camera for WWE’s documentary web series “WWE Day Of.”

The near-7-minute video begins with Lynch updating her mom on the injury. She then gets hugs of support from Paul Heyman and her countryman Sheamus, among others.

Soon, Lynch is called into a closed-door meeting to receive the bad news. The “Irish Lass-Kicker,” who now goes by “The Man,” retreats to the St. Louis venue’s lower bowl to be left alone. You know, except for the “Day Of” camera crew.

“I keep begging them to let me do something. I’ll be fine,” she said. “I feel fine, and I look great. So, imagine how I’ll look in 48 [hours]. Imagine how I’ll be come Sunday, you know? I’ll be fine.”

“I don’t want to be sitting out,” Lynch, real name Rebecca Quin, continued. “I don’t want to be watching somebody else in my spot.”

That “somebody else” in her spot is now Charlotte Flair, who will represent “SmackDown” against “Raw” Women’s Champion Ronday Rousey this weekend.

Watch the video above.

“SmackDown Live” airs Tuesday nights from 8 to 10 p.m. ET on USA Network. “Survivor Series 2018” will stream Sunday night on WWE Network, starting with a one-hour pre-show at 7/6c.