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WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg Says He Didn’t Send Those Tweets Challenging Trump to a Fight

Bill Goldberg was fired from Season 9 of ”The Apprentice“

Yes, Bill Goldberg was fired by Donald Trump on Season 9 of “The Apprentice,” but the WWE Hall of Famer says it wasn’t him who sent out those recent tweets threatening the president of the United States. His verified @Goldberg Twitter account was hacked, per the WCW legend.

Goldberg says he deleted the tweets once access to his account was restored. However, since nothing on the internet ever truly goes away, our readers can find a sampling of what went out below the “Also Read.”

Consider them all [sic].

“Why have you been threating me and my wife you d–k head just because you’re the president doesn’t mean you can make threats using your new found power we should go into the ring together no secret service just you and me,” one read.

Another said: “I challange you to a fist fight you spatastic sh-t head ill f—ing kill you.”

And then there was the following, which has been immortalized via screenshot:

Goldberg hacked tweet Ivanka

“The guy fired me, but I have no — whatever. It’s not a political thing with me,” Goldberg, who lasted six episodes on “Celebrity Apprentice,” told the Washington Post. “Somebody stole my identity, and I’m sick and flipping tired of it. It’s happened to me a number of times. We end up regaining our identity, our account access, but these people get no repercussions. They get to the point where they’re posing as me threatening the president of the United States — I’m just so tired of it.”

The former NFL player said he reached out to the U.S. Secret Service on Wednesday to tell them that his account was compromised. Goldberg says he’s willing to cooperate to find the hacker.

“The Official Goldberg twitter continues to be a target for opportunistic hackers with bad intentions who are seeking notoriety and revenue,” a rep for Golberg told TheWrap via email. “Team Goldberg will continue to address this issue while Goldberg is in ATL with Tu Lam working on his show ‘Knife or Death’ for the History channel.”