WWE ‘Hell in a Cell’: Watch Seth Rollins Powerbomb Kevin Owens Through 2 Tables (Video)

It was a different version of the same move that would ultimately end dangerous match

Kevin Owens WWE SummerSlam 2015
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Pro wrestling pay-per-view “Hell in a Cell” is still underway on the WWE Network, and there has already been plenty of Hell to pay.

During an epic Universal Championship title match — one of Sunday’s three billed main events — challenger Seth Rollins powerbombed incumbent Kevin Owens through not one table, but two.

Watch the insanity unfold here:

Ironically, it was Owens who set the tables up that way — such is life in the WWE.

And amazingly, this big spot didn’t win the match. Owens (pictured above at last year’s “Summerslam”) would come back to claim victory after powerbombing Rollins through two chairs. K.O. got a big assist in retaining the title from his “best friend” Chris Jericho, who interfered in the no-holds-barred match.

Wondering how Y2J even gained entry to the fenced-off structure? Well, Owens “accidentally” sprayed the in-ring referee in the eyes with a fire extinguisher, causing another official to open the door and escort his colleague out. The opportunistic Jericho took off down the ramp and re-locked the door behind him. Again, life in the WWE.

Rollins-Owens was the second actual Hell in a Cell match on the evening, which also featured traditional bouts.

Roman Reigns kicked off the event with a successful United States Championship title defense, defeating Bulgarian Brute Rusev in the cage. The whole thing will conclude in an hour or so when Sasha Banks defends her “Raw” Women’s Championship against Charlotte, which marks the first time females have wrestled in the titular and dangerous Cell.

In-between Reigns-Rusev and Owens-Rollins, Dana Brooke defeated Bayley, and the tag-team of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows took down Enzo Amore and Big Cass.