Why WWE Pulled ‘NXT’ Off Wednesday Nights

The so-called ”Wednesday Night Wars“ weren’t going WWE’s way — but that’s just the start

Cody Rhodes’ upstart pro-wrestling company All Elite Wrestling (AEW) just pinned WWE clean in the middle of the ring. WWE has pulled its “NXT” program off of Wednesday nights, when the USA Network wrestling show was regularly losing to TNT’s “AEW: Dynamite” in TV ratings.

Professional wrestling fans dubbed the head-to-head competition the “Wednesday Night Wars,” a callback to the longer-lasting, higher-rated and frankly more interesting “Monday Night Wars,” when WWE/WWF battled it out with Turner’s WCW from 1995 to 2001. Back then, the Turner league and WWE/F traded places in Nielsen numbers until Vince McMahon eventually bought out the former World Championship Wrestling. This time, WWE blinked.

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Tony Maglio

TV Editor • tony.maglio@thewrap.com • Twitter: @tonymaglio