WWE ‘Raw’: Watch Brock Lesnar Beat the Hell Out of Roman Reigns With a Steel Chair (Video)

The Big Dog was handcuffed and arrested on Monday — and that was just the start of his bad night

Roman Reigns wanted Brock Lesnar. Well, on WWE’s “Monday Night Raw,” he got him — but this is probably not what the Big Dog was after.

Reigns was (storyline) suspended from last night’s event, which led to (fake) U.S. Marshalls coming out and handcuffing the trespasser in the center of Vince McMahon’s wrestling ring. The faux federal agents made the mistake of touching Reigns a few too many times, and it soon became clobberin’ time.

What the police couldn’t police, Paul Heyman’s Beast Incarnate could. Lesnar delivered a pair of german suplexes and a number of stiff steel chair shots to Reigns, who wasn’t wearing his usual Shield-inspired protective vest.

The beatdown put Reigns on a stretcher — but that didn’t mean Lesnar was done with him. Not by a mile.

Watch the video above.

Lesnar and Reigns will face off for the WWE Universal Championship in a few weeks at WrestleMania 34.