‘WWE Raw’ Continues To Tease The Arrival Of The Bullet Club (Video)

Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows are wreaking havoc, and AJ Styles may soon join them to bring New Japan’s most infamous stable to WWE.

Last Updated: April 19, 2016 @ 9:10 AM

It’s been teased for months, and hardcore wrestling fans have been fantasizing about what they might do if it happens, but the impossible might become a reality.

The Bullet Club is about to reunite in WWE.

Over the past three years, the Bullet Club has become the hottest faction in wrestling, making money hand over fist for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Built as a stable of evil foreigners invading the world of Japanese wrestling, the Bullet Club became known for its rule-breaking, vicious attitude, and iconic t-shirts. After its founder, Finn Balor, left for WWE, Bullet Club replaced him with AJ Styles, who became New Japan’s biggest main event heel in years.

But three months ago, Styles jumped to WWE, and it was revealed shortly thereafter that two longtime Bullet Club members, Doc Gallows and “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson, had signed with Vince McMahon’s company as well. Now, with Gallows and Anderson making a surprise debut on last week’s episode of “Monday Night Raw” in Los Angeles, how would they react to being on the same roster with their old buddy from Japan?

On last night’s episode in London, Styles, who is currently involved in a main event feud with WWE champion Roman Reigns, introduced Gallows and Anderson to the casual fans and had a fun moment with them backstage. But things quickly went south when the two heavyweights attacked Reigns later on in the night. Styles denied knowing about the attack, but is this a sign that he is going to shock the fans and reform the Bullet Club during his title match with Reigns?

The other unknown factor that has fans buzzing is Finn Balor, who is currently involved in WWE NXT but is expected to be called up to the main roster very soon. Balor has been teasing a Bullet Club reunion on Instagram for weeks now, and when he does, he’s expected to rename this WWE iteration of the stable as “Balor Club.” The question now is whether Styles will be a part of this attempt by WWE to capture some of that Bullet Club hype and t-shirt revenue, or if he will stay on his own.