‘Raw’: These Might Be the Loudest and Longest Boos We’ve Ever Heard at a WWE Event (Video)

Kevin Owens and Elias got serious heat Monday in Seattle

Do NOT tease Seattle sports fans about their former — and still beloved — NBA franchise, the SuperSonics, moving to Oklahoma City in 2008. That’s a lesson WWE heels (the pro-wrestling term for bad guys) Kevin Owens and Elias learned Monday night on “Raw.”

During their live in-ring promo, Owens wondered aloud why their “WWE Super Showdown” opponents John Cena and Bobby Lashley are tag-teaming together. Admittedly, while they’re both baby-faces (the term for good guys), the pairing is a bit of an odd one.

“Kev, it doesn’t make sense, you know?” Elias jumped in. “It’s like having a basketball team in Seattle.”

That didn’t go over favorably, though that’s kind of Elias’ job. We can’t remember the last time we heard such loud and long-sustained booing at a pro-wrestling event.

In WWE’s digital playback version, which is posted above, there’s even an edit at the 2:55 mark to fast-track the two Superstars to the point where they could actually talk and hear each other again. In the live-TV version, the only thing that really pressed pause on the heat was an eventual TV commercial. In other words, the booing was even louder and longer than you’ll see on YouTube.

Watch the video above. Or you can really just listen to it and get the same sense that these two are no longer welcome at the Space Needle.