‘The X Factor’ Sets New Social Record in Season Premiere, Bluefin Says

"The X Factor" generates 1.4 million social media mentions Wednesday night, seven times what "The Voice" did on Monday

Britney Spears and Demi Lovato’s arrival at “The X Factor” judging table propelled Wednesday’s premiere to a curious new record – most social TV season premiere ever.

According to Bluefin Labs, one of a number of companies tracking social interaction around television, season two’s debut episode of “The X Factor” prompted 1.4 million social media comments.

That bests any other season premiere to date, excluding sports programming and special events. That figure is also seven times greater than what “The Voice” registered for its Monday night season premiere.

Trendrr, which also monitors social interaction around TV, measured 1.5 million interactions around "The X Factor," and it also says that is a record.

Despite the strong social audience for Spears and Lovato, the Fox show's viewership declined 25 percent from the show's season one premiere. That's why NBC, which airs “The Voice,” can’t be too upset. Its show still registered higher ratings than “The X Factor” in the hour they overlapped.

Here is a graphic from Bluefin Labs charting social interaction as "The X Factor" progressed: