‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Star Evan Peters Wants Deadpool-Quicksilver Movie (Video)

“I think that would be really fun,” Peters tells TheWrap

“X-Men: Apocalypse” star Evan Peters doesn’t just want to see a solo Quicksilver movie — he wants to team up with Ryan Reynolds‘ Deadpool for a standalone film.

“I would like to see a Deadpool/Quicksilver movie, I think that would be really fun,” Peters told TheWrap.

When asked whether “X-Men” fans would ever get a solo Quicksilver film, Evans joked about how long it would take to shoot, given that his slow-motion scenes in both “Days of Future Past” and “Apocalypse” took a month and a half to film.

“Oh my god, I don’t know,” he said regarding when fans should expect a solo film. “It would take three years to shoot, wouldn’t it? Yeah I don’t know, I would love to do that.”

Peters played Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver in both “Days of Future Past” and the recent “Apocalypse,” making audiences laugh with his slow-motion action scenes and witty rejoinders.

Peters is also known for his recurring roles on FX anthology series “American Horror Story.” Most recently, he played Mr. James March, a sadistic serial killer and designer of the Cortez in “Hotel.”

Peters wouldn’t reveal anything about the upcoming season, unfortunately. He told the BBC on May 9 that he was returning for the sixth season, although he didn’t know what character he would play this time around.

“I don’t know anything unfortunately,” he said. “I know a little bit, but I don’t know anything. I haven’t seen a script, I haven’t talked to anyone about it. When you know, let me know. I would love to know.”

Principal photography for “Horror Story” usually begins in July.

“I’m pretty sure we started shooting last Tuesday, but I don’t know, we’ll see,” said Peters. “The mystery of ‘Horror Story’ continues.”

Stay tuned for Peters’ Emmy Quickie.