‘X-Men’ Trilogy Honest Trailer: Brett Ratner Blamed for Ruining a Franchise (Video)

Fortunately for haters, Wolverine’s time travel in “Days of Future Past” may wipe “The Last Stand” from existence

With “X-Men: Days of Future Past” right around the corner, Screen Junkies takes the original “X-Men” trilogy to task in a new Honest Trailer.

Fortunately for Bryan Singer, who directed the first two movies and returned for the latest installment, most of the complaints (above) are aimed at “Last Stand” director Brett Ratner for “completely butchering the Phoenix saga — a storyline so iconic, even the cartoon did it justice.”

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Oh, and killing off Cyclops.

And ever notice how Halle Berry‘s African accent for Storm just kind of faded with every sequel?

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Maybe it will return for the “prequel-sequel hybrid reboot” that hits theaters on Friday.