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Yahoo! Beats Google in American Web Traffic for First Time Since 2011

ComScore's July numbers don't even include Yahoo!'s Tumblr traffic

Looks like Marissa Mayer's Yahoo! CEO tenure is yielding results.

According to comScore, Yahoo! sites topped Google.com sites in unique visitors from America in July. That puts Yahoo.com and its affiliated sites at the top of the charts — the first time Yahoo has beaten Google since May 2011.

It's especially impressive since, though comScore counts YouTube hits in Google numbers, it doesn't count Tumblr's hits in Yahoo!'s. Yahoo! purchased Tumblr for $1.1 billion in May.

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The victory comes with a few caveats, though. It's American traffic, not worldwide, and it doesn't count mobile users, which both Yahoo! and Google have been aggressively seeking as mobile becomes and increasingly large part of consumers' internet consumption.

Still, it's definitely a sign that the still-new CEO is finding her footing at the company. Mayer discussed Yahoo!'s traffic in the company's most recent conference call, acknowledging that 2012 had been a bad year, traffic-wise, for the company. So far in 2013, she said then, those declines had reversed. The comScore numbers can attest to that.

Yahoo declined to comment on the report, telling TheWrap: "we don't comment on third party metrics or intraquarter metrics."