Yahoo Revamped: Now With Facebook-Like Newsfeed

Yahoo took a number from Facebook on its new design

Last Updated: February 20, 2013 @ 9:11 AM

Yahoo rolled out a new look for its homepage on Wednesday, giving users a more Facebook-like experience with a bottomless newsfeed of videos, pictures and stories.

CEO Marissa Mayer said on NBC's "Today" that the company would introduce more changes over the next week and tweek the design in the coming months.

The revamp marks the most obvious change to one of the world's most- popular websites since Mayer took over in July. Yahoo, founded in 1994, has struggled to continue to appear new and innovative compared to rivals like Facebook, Twitter and Google.

"We wanted it to be familiar but also wanted it to embrace some of the modern paradigms of the web," Mayer said. "One thing that I really like is this very personalized newsfeed, it's infinite and you can go on scrolling forever."

The site features a redesigned toolbar of section tabs on the left. On the right are widgets for Facebook birthdays and a Twitter-like list of trending topics. Framed in between is the stream of headlines.

"People said, give me a reason to come back to Yahoo a few times a day," Mayer said. "And now the content's always updating and refreshing."

In a blog post, Mayer said the redesigned site was adapted to mobile devices and would allow users to log in with their Yahoo or Facebook IDs.

Mayer heavily emphasized the mobile market in the company's fourth-quarter earnings call with investors late last month.

The new design comes the same day its news partner, ABC, welcomes back Robin Roberts, the "Good Morning America" host who went on medical leave five months ago to undergo a bone marrow transplant. Her return received prominent play on the Yahoo homepage.

Watch the full "Today" clip below:

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