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A Yenta is Born

HSamanthaere’s one matchmaker. Barbie And there’s another one.

In Sunday’s Styles section, I uncover the intriguing news-let that high-profile celebrities are now hiring matchmakers to fix them up, since they’re tired of dating on the Hollywood merry-go-round, and are afraid to approach a girl in the bar on their own.

Said Barbie (who will take your wallet in exchange for a date, thanks very much): "If they wanted to meet someone in Hollywood, they would have done that. They’ve gone down that path, and it hasn’t been successful,” said Barbie Adler, a Chicago-based matchmaker who has built a small but steady business of setting up celebrities, along with her other well-heeled clients. “I’ve had clients say to me, ‘My publicist fixed me up, I just met him in the limo, I had to pose for pictures and spend all night with him and he was a dud.’ ” (Read the rest….)