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Yes She Can: Betty White Says She Will Do ‘SNL’

Just when or how is unclear, but the comic icon says she will be making a visit to NBC’s late-night institution

Betty White can do no wrong in our book. That said: Enough with the Betty White on "SNL" Internet drama!

The latest chapter in this never-ending saga has White confirming, on the record, that she will in fact be appearing on the NBC late-night series.

"Yes," the nearly 90-year-old legend told People magazine Sunday night, while attending the Elton John Oscar bash.

And based on that one-word affirmative answer, there’s a new swell of Betty-White-on-SNL stories bubbling up around the various Spheres (blogo-, Twitter, Facebookian).

In case you’ve somehow missed it, there’s been a populist uprising of sorts in recent weeks — since her awesome Snickers Super Bowl commercial, really — of White "fans" demanding producer Lorne Michaels let White host "SNL."

It doesn’t matter that White hasn’t been looking to do a live comedy show. Or that, at least at the moment (and as far as we know), she doesn’t have a project to hype.

The People want Betty on "SNL." And now, if White was accurately quoted (and hadn’t had too many Harvey Wallbangers), it appears as if the people will get what They want.

We’d be happy to watch White on just about anything. We’d be even happier if people would stop writing about her possible "SNL" visit and just let it happen (or not).

End of rant.