Yikes … Sarah Palin’s Right!

Kids of public figures should be off limits to media scrutiny, mockery and savaging

Last Updated: February 18, 2010 @ 11:14 AM

I can’t believe I agree with Sarah Palin.

But she’s right. Kids of public figures should be off limits to media scrutiny, mockery and savaging.

Especially if a child lives with a disability. That in-your-face “Family Guy” bit (which doesn’t deserve repeating) was disgusting and asshole-y, as Palin might say.

Remember the nasty remarks said about Amy Carter and Chelsea during their awkward adolescence? And how outraged we were? Raise your hand if you think you looked your best in junior high. Didn’t think so. Imagine how you’d feel if your child was born with Down syndrome. And comedians thought it was OK to mock him. Wouldn’t you feel outraged if comedians and cartoons mocked him mercilessly?

As a mother (which is all I have in common with Palin), I would make it my business to straighten out the offenders. Good for her to vent her anger on her own station.

It’s bad enough that female progeny of famous folk (politicians included) are scrutinized and over-analyzed far more often than male children. Or they are blessed with a political parent who announces, “She’s available!” Now we have to call out tactless talk-show hosts and cartoon writers for being thoughtless and heartless?

I guess so, because seems folks just don’t get it.

That un-redeeming cartoon pierced the hearts of those whose lives have been enriched by a Down child. And those who created that bit should be ashamed of themselves.
Disability movements have made so much progress over the years. Accessible buildings, streets, public transportation and educational access all point to a growing awareness of a large portion of our population. And still, we get nasty schoolyard antics broadcast on the Internet, for all to mock. In HD!
“Family Guy” has always ridden comedy’s fringe, usually successfully. It’s no “Simpsons,” but it has its fans.
Minus one now. This time, “FG” not only jumped the shark, it made me agree with Sarah Palin.
For that, there is no forgiveness.

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