‘You’ Season 3 Stars on That Surprise Family-Reunion Cameo

Victoria Pedretti and Penn Badgley tell TheWrap how happy they were to see Season 2 co-star again

You Forty cameo

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Episode 306 of “You,” titled “W.O.M.B.”)

The third season of Netflix’s “You” threw many a shocker at fans, but by far the most heartwarming — both for us and for the actors involved — was a surprise cameo from a beloved, deceased character: Forty Quinn (James Scully).

Love Quinn’s (Victoria Pedretti) twin, who died in a police shooting at the end of “You” Season 2, appears to her while she’s very intoxicated during a self-help retreat at their mother Dottie’s (Saffron Burrows) new winery. Love is very drunk but very happy to see her brother, whom she loved so much and has been having some serious separation anxiety from, all while raising a new baby and murdering people who she thinks are a threat to her and Joe’s (Penn Badgley) young marriage.

“I think it was really nice that whole episode, seeing Love dealing with all of these really crazy life changes — go from moving to becoming a parent to becoming a wife,” Pedretti said of shooting the episode with former co-star Scully. “I think it’s really important for the audience to remember she’s doing this under very different conditions than she’s done most of her life. And that that’s a real loss and a real hole in her heart. So it was really awesome. I love James. So I was really excited.”

Badgley added: “I wish I could have been there. When I saw James, like, for one reason or another, we both were in robes when we saw each other. That might be a total fiction, but I feel like at least one of us was in a robe. I’m in a robe all the time. And he had to have been in a robe. So I think we were crossing paths and I was like, ‘James!’ And it was still very much a surge in COVID, so we weren’t even getting close. It was like, ‘James!’ And then that was basically it. Then you guys had your whole day.”

Forty is only around for about five minutes of screen time, but it’s enough for him and Love to discuss her complicated feelings about not being pregnant with another baby, and her affair with Theo (Dylan Arnold), while taking a soak in a bubble bath and then lying in bed together. (Hey, these twins were always weirdly close, OK?)

“Yeah, we were in the bathtub for a long time. But it was great,” Pedretti said with a laugh.

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