Younger Moviegoers Decline in 2014 While Older Audiences Reach New Highs, MPAA Says

New study finds ticket sales to older audiences are failing to offset fewer sales to those aged 18-39

Fewer younger moviegoers are hitting theaters to watch films, while older audiences are pouring in in record numbers, according to a new study from the Motion Picture Association of America.

In 2014, the share of tickets sold to 40-49 and 50-59 year olds hit all time highs, while the share of tickets sold to 60+ year olds hit its highest level since 2011.

Meanwhile, moviegoers 25-39, a demographic that has been going to the movies in decreasing numbers since 2010, hit a new low in 2014. Those aged 18-24 have also been in a downward trend since 2012 and hit its lowest numbers since 2010 as well.

The numbers are not unexpected, given the rise in popularity of streaming, VOD and other distribution models, which naturally cater to technologically-savvy younger audiences.