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Snowboarding Gold Medalist Red Gerard Schools Jimmy Kimmel on How to Shotgun Beer (Video)

It’s time to get Gerarded

Fresh off his Pyeongchang gold medal win (and a 13-hour flight to Los Angeles), 17-year-old Red Gerard stopped by Jimmy Kimmel’s show Tuesday night, and he ended up teaching Kimmel the proper way to shotgun a beer.

“They do it the classic way, where you put the key in–” Kimmel asked the Olympic snowboarder.

“No, no, it’s all about the thumb,” Gerard corrected. “That’s been around, come on.”

On the day of the snowboarding competition, Gerard’s family woke up at 8:30 a.m. to get ready for the event, and did so by shotgunning beers.

Kimmel explained that in his day, he used a key to shotgun beers: “You didn’t want to get cut, we didn’t have tetanus shots back then.”

Kimmel noted that Gerard seemed to know a lot about beer etiquette for only being 17.

“Oh, no, no,” Gerard said, shaking his head to indicate that he’s not a big drinker. His family, on the other hand –“I keep opening my phone and looking at these Snapchats, it’s like they’re on the bus heading down to the coast to go watch more and they’re just chugging sake. I don’t even know how they’re like working anymore.”

Gerard told Kimmel that his family are such big partiers that their last name has been turned into a verb — Gerarded.

But hey, if your teenage son just won gold, you’d probably want to get Gerarded, too.

Watch the full clip above, and watch Gerard’s gold medal run here.