YouPorn Drops Alex Jones Too: ‘Hate Has No Place on YouPorn’

The online porn site says it’s deleted six “spoof videos” featuring the InfoWars conspiracy theorist

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The Alex Jones social media blackout has now touched the world of pornography.

On Monday, YouPorn announced that it would no longer host any Jones-related content, and said it had deleted six videos which violated its terms of service.

“Following news that YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify have banned Alex Jones from their platforms, team YouPorn is joining in solidarity and announces we are banning his content as well,” said the company’s vice president Charlie Hughes in a statement.

“As one of the largest user generated content platforms in the world, we have already removed his videos that have violated our terms of service. As an inclusive platform, hate has no place on YouPorn.”

Contrary to Hughes’ statement, a spokesperson later confirmed that Jones had never actually uploaded any official InfoWars content to the website and that the company had deleted six “spoof videos” of Jones while adding that any Jones content moving forward would be forbidden. And if the noted conspiracist ever had any plans to become active on YouPorn, that also would not be allowed.

As BuzzFeed’s Charlie Warzel, who first reported news of the statement Monday evening, pointed out that Alex Jones themed pornography is a minor phenomenon online

Jones did not respond to inquiries from TheWrap about the ban.

The move by YouPorn follows Apple, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Pinterest, all of which moved to effectively ban the InfoWars chief on Monday. All of the companies cited terms of service violations as the reason for their decision.

“We have taken [Jones] down for glorifying violence, which violates our graphic violence policy, and using dehumanizing language to describe people who are transgender, Muslims and immigrants, which violates our hate speech policies,” said Facebook in a statement widely echoing its industry colleagues.

As of Tuesday morning, Jones and InfoWars only remained on Twitter, with a spokesperson telling TheWrap that they were not currently in violation of Twitter or Periscope’s terms of service.