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‘You’re the Worst': Chris Geere on Jimmy and Gretchen’s ‘Perfect Solution’ in the Series Finale

”It would be too easy if they just got married and lived happily ever after,“ Geere told TheWrap

(You should know this by now, but SPOILERS for the series finale of “You’re the Worst” below.)

Only “You’re the Worst” could get away with centering its final season around the upcoming wedding between its main characters, only to have them not tie the knot at the end.

“I think it would be too easy if they just got married and lived happily ever after,” Chris Geere, who plays novelist Jimmy Shive-Overly, told TheWrap. The FXX comedy wrapped its five-season run on Wednesday with Jimmy (Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash) deciding not to get married but to stay together.

“This is the perfect solution,” Geere said, explaining that the decision lets them both have what they want: To be together, but keep one foot out the door. Which feels oddly fitting for a couple that began as a drunken, wedding-night one-night stand. “They’re together, but they can choose to be together. That’s the whole point,” Geere said.

Over the course of its five seasons, “You’re the Worst” has straddled the line between making fun of rom-coms while at the same time being an homage to the genre. Creator Stephen Falk — who previously told TheWrap the show wouldn’t end with the traditional “happily-ever-after” — spent the final season taking aim at one of the biggest tropes that every romantic comedy inevitably ends with: the wedding.

The final season was peppered with flash-forwards that appeared to signal the two ended up apart, potentially in divorce. But in the finale, it’s revealed that not only are the two together, they have a child. They just decided not to go through the whole getting-married part (though they still kept all the gifts).

Geere is not worried that fans will feel like the rug was pulled out from under them — not unlike “How I Met Your Mother” viewers who watched that series’ final season lead up to a wedding that ended in divorce midway through its finale.  “If it ended at a wedding of those two actually getting married, I think fans would’ve been disappointed,” he said. “They were never a ‘walk off into the sunset’ couple. There was always going to be some problem.”

And if they had gone through with the wedding? “They would’ve got divorced. 100%,” Geere said. “It’s changed my whole opinion on weddings.”

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