‘You’re the Worst’ Showrunner on Relationship Drama Fallout: ‘There’s Still a Chance for Redemption’

A wedding brings big changes to every romantic relationship on FXX romantic comedy

Youre the Worst

(Spoiler alert: Please  do not read on if you have not watched Wednesday’s episode of “You’re the Worst.”)

After trouble started brewing for each of the three couples of FXX’s “You’re the Worst” over the season, things finally came to a head at a wedding party for Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash), Lindsay (Kether Donohue) and Paul (Allan McLeod) and Edgar (Desmin Borges) and Dorothy (Colette Wolfe).

After Jimmy began making a pro-con list regarding dating Gretchen, she did her best to find out what’s on the list, culminating in a confrontation in which they got too honest about each other’s “cons,” and ended up leaving the party separately.

Having already aborted their baby without telling her husband, Lindsay blurted out the news and that she wants to leave him as she senses an awesome new career opportunity. And career aspirations get between Edgar and Dorothy too, as her resentment at his overnight success and her continued struggle finally makes itself known.

Yes — that’s every couple on the show breaking up all at once.

“I’m a realist, but I do believe in a kind of collective energy,” showrunner Stephen Falk told TheWrap. “When things seem to be going wrong for some people, it can kind of feel like it’s all going wrong for everyone at the same time. There was a period in my life when it seemed like everyone I knew was breaking up. I don’t know if everyone’s had that experience, but I think it kind of makes sense that unrest in relationships can be contagious.”

But fear not, believers of true love. Season 3 is winding down, but not over as of tonight.

“It’s not the season finale. There’s still some roads to go in those relationships,” Falk said. “Last season we had Edgar and Dorothy kind of break up at the party and then come back together in the last scene. There’s still a chance for redemption. There’s a symmetry that’s happening to all of the relationships, so I think you may see that continue.”

“You’re the Worst” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FXX.