YouTube Going Geek for a Week in August (Video)

Bill Nye "The Science Guy" and "The Nerdist's" Chris Hardwick are among stars taking place in the "Geek Week" fest Aug. 4-10

Last Updated: July 24, 2014 @ 11:47 AM

YouTube is going geek.

The online video giant's first "Geek Week" — Aug. 4-10 — it will "celebrate all things geek culture with a week of new videos, series premieres, epic collabs and Top 10s from across YouTube from over 100 channels," the site said in a promo video.

Some stars scheduled to appear include Bill Nye "The Science Guy" and "The Nerdist's" Chris Hardwick, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer's" Felicia Day and YouTube star Michelle Phan. Nerdist is also co-producing "Geek Week" with YouTube.

"Geek is a pretty broad category; it means a lot of different thigs to a lot of different people. We wanted to celebrate all the different ways that manifests on Youtube," Danielle Tiedt, vice president of marketing at YouTube, told TheWrap. "We looked at all the content categories that you would classify as geek – learning and comic books and fantasy and super hereos and braniacs."

Each day of the week will have a different theme, from Blockbuster Sunday — "A celebration of the iconic characters, movies and shows that define geek culture" — to Fan Friday — "Sci-fi-themed cooking, incredible cosplay and impassioned nerd debates." A different YouTube channel will host each day, beginning with Freddie Wong, who will release a new episode of the new season of "Video Game High School," which begins July 25.

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Here is the "Geek Week" schedule:

Blockbuster Sunday
Celebrating iconic characters, movies, sci-fi, fantasy, animation! Hosted by FreddieW.

Global Geekery Monday
Explore geek culture around the world. Hosted by YOMYOMF.

Braniac Tuesday
Science, education & knowledge. Hosted by Veritasium and The Spangler Effect.

Super Wednesday
Superheroes, the supernatural and the super-weird. Hosted by Stan Lee's World of Heroes.

Gaming Thursday
A gamers paradise… live plays, games in real life, game series and more. Hosted by Machinima and Maker Studio's Polaris.

Fan Friday
Fans take center-stage. Hosted by Felicia Day of Geek & Sundry.

Best of Geek Week Saturday
See what you missed as we wrap up Geek Week with all the best bits.

Here's the video:


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