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YouTube Network FullScreen Hires HBO Go Co-Creator Tim Mohn

Tim Mohn will oversee the company's team of engineers

Massive YouTube network Fullscreen has hired Tim Mohn, one of the people who created the HBO Go app, as its new SVP of engineering, Fullscreen CEO and founder George Strompolos announced in a blog post.

Strompolos said Mohn would be focusing on technological innovation for the company, overseeing its team of engineers and hiring new ones.

Fullscreen is one of the largest multi-channel networks on YouTube, reaching more than 40 million viewers a month, according to ComScore.

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What differentiates Fullscreen from other prominent networks like Maker Studios and Machinima is its focus on services. It provides its creators with a variety of tools like Gorilla to improve marketing and connect with other creators.

“I knew when I first met Tim that he captured exactly what I look for in a teammate,” Strompolos said in a statement. “As an entrepreneur and scientist with over 20 years of experience, Tim demonstrated a deep passion for both technology and the arts. And most importantly, he shares our same love for video.”

In addition to co-creating the HBO Go app, he was a VP of technology for NBCUniversal and co-founded MedNet Systems.

Fullscreen has raised more than $30 million to date, and Mohn said what drew him to the team was “the vision put forward by George to help build the media company of the future that is equal parts technology and content.”