YouTube TV Gets Apple TV App, at Long Last

Google’s $35-a-month streaming service is adding an app for several TV devices

It’s about to get a whole lot easier to watch YouTube TV on, well, your TV.

YouTube’s $35-a-month skinny bundle is adding a TV app for smart TVs, gaming consoles, and a slew of streaming devices, including Apple TV.

Within the “next few days,” according to Google, users will be able to stream via Nvidia Shield and Android TV, along with the Xbox One family of game consoles. And the new app will  continue rolling out in the upcoming weeks, with it going live on several smart TV makers (LG, Samsung, Sony) and its long-awaited Apple TV arrival.

Since its launch in April, users have been able to stream using their mobile devices or desktop, but had to use either Chromecast or Apple Airplay to project YouTube TV onto their screens.

Google has been expanding YouTube TV’s reach in recent months, with the service now available in “all top 50 metro areas,” covering two-thirds of the U.S. YouTube TV sports 40 channels, including the big four networks and popular cable channels like ESPN and FX.

The lack of a TV app had been an Achilles’ heel for YouTube to this point, with competitors Hulu and Sling already featured on Apple TV. Now, its poised to take another step towards grabbing even more cord-cutters. If you’re inclined to give it a test run, YouTube TV offers a seven-day trial before the $35 monthly charge kicks in.