Zac Efron Broke His Hand Grabbing Dave Franco’s Balls (Video)

“Those Franco brothers have balls of steel,” the “Neighbors” star told Jimmy Fallon

Last Updated: August 4, 2014 @ 10:01 AM

Zac Efron returned to the “Tonight Show” on Wednesday, marking his second straight night on the program. This time around, instead of wearing a dress, he talked about being shirtless… again.

During the long press tour to promote his new film “Neighbors,” Efron has been exploited for his washboard abs and chiseled physique. He has been made to suffer an endless discussion of his shirtless scenes in the movie, and even had his loose button-down shirt torn off on national television.

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But that’s not the only indignity he’s been made to suffer. After talking about his body once more, Efron was forced to reveal and relive the time he broke his hand during a fight scene with co-star Dave Franco — a fracture that somehow came while he was grabbing Franco’s testicles.

“Those Franco brothers have balls of steel,” Efron said wistfully.

If you’ll recall, Efron was also thrust into a very awkward conversation about “sack tapping” while on Graham Norton’s chat show in the UK.