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Zac Efron’s Neighbor Charlie Day Gets His Crazy Fan Love Letters, and Keeps Them (Video)

”I’m putting them all up on a wall,“ the ”Horrible Bosses 2“ star said. ”I’m gonna invite him over and be like, Zac, this is my room!“

Charlie Day lives right next door to Zac Efron, which has created an unusual problem for him. He dropped by TBS’s “Conan” on Wednesday night where he admitted that he gets Zac Efron‘s fan mail.

It’s not on purpose, though. Day described “strange teenage girls writing love letters and confusing my gate with his gate, so I’ll get these strange letters covered in hearts, like ‘I love you, Zac’ and ‘You’re the greatest.'”

But rather than deliver them to his neighbor, or even just throw them away, Day came up with a far creepier plan.

“I’m putting them all up on a wall in my house,” he told O’Brien. “I’m gonna invite him over and be like, Zac, this is my room! My shrine for you!”

Charlie Day can next be seen in “Horrible Bosses 2,” in theaters Wednesday, Nov. 26. The 10th season of his hit FX comedy “It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia kicks off in January. “Conan” airs weeknights at 11 p.m. ET on TBS.