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‘Silicon Valley': Zach Woods on Tech Culture and the Time He Didn’t Recognize Elon Musk (Video)

Comedian also plays ”“F—, Marry, Kill” with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Last Updated: April 17, 2018 @ 7:16 PM

With the fifth season of “Silicon Valley” in full swing, it only felt right to have Zach Woods swing by TheWrap HQ once again — and we had a lot to ask him.

Woods has turned Jared Dunn —  the straight-laced financial guru of “Pied Piper” with a penchant for revealing the most shocking details about his character’s murky background — into a fan favorite. (Just last week, we find out Jared’s stepmom wouldn’t let him eat pizza as a kid because “Italians aren’t real white people.”) But does Woods, who spends his time pretending to be a budding tech exec, envy anything about real-life startup employees? Not really, it turns out.

We tackled plenty more with Woods, including:

— Playing “F—, Marry, Kill” with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

—  Why “Hard Knocks” is one of his favorite HBO shows, even though he doesn’t give a damn about football.

— Not recognizing Tesla and SpaceX head honcho Elon Musk when he first met him — and what perturbed the entrepreneur about “Silicon Valley’s” caricature of Silicon Valley.

There’s plenty more, too, so check out the rest of our interview.

“Silicon Valley” airs on HBO on Sunday at 10 pm EST. The series was just renewed for its sixth season earlier this week.