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Zachary Quinto Ponders NBC’s ‘Heroes’ Reboot and Whether He’s Bringing Back Sylar

The actor tells TheWrap that he’s ”been talking“ to creator Tim Kring about the upcoming miniseries

NBC is clearly trying to get the gang back together again for “Heroes Reborn.”

We already know that Jack Coleman will reprise his role, but who else will creator Tim Kring lure back?

Zachary Quinto, who played Sylar, the super villain (and fan favorite despite the evil things he did) who could absorb others’ powers, isn’t sure he can be a part of the return.

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“I’ve been talking to Tim and I’m really excited that they’re doing that show,” Quinto told TheWrap while promoting Starz’s “The Chair.” “I don’t really see the room for me to be involved at this point, just based on my schedule. But, I’m not sure if it will work out just based on availability alone.”

Even though he appeared in recurring roles on “24” and “So Notorious,” “Heroes” would end up putting Quinto on the map. Roles in the “Star Trek” movies and “Margin Call” would follow.

“I’m forever grateful to [Kring], and I’m really excited,” Quinto continued. “I know the fans are really looking forward to that and I’m excited about the fact that they’re making it.”

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“Heroes” fans, don’t give up. The actor does leave some wiggle room for a possible return on the reboot.

“I know I’ll be excited to watch it and be a part of it any way I can,” he told us.

NBC announced it would produce 13 episodes of “Heroes Reborn” back in February. NBC is staying mum on the plot and said it will reveal the characters and storylines via a digital series ahead of the miniseries’ 2015 debut.

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