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ZEFR Partners With Fuisz Media to Offer IMDb From YouTube

"This is a tool which gets brands excited about producing content for YouTube," Fuisz tells TheWrap

ZEFR, which helps entertainment companies and brands identify and profit from clips on YouTube, will use Fuisz Media’s technology to make those videos more interactive with links to outside sites like IMDb.

Fuisz possesses an annotated pixel technology that enables it to identify any object or person in a video. So if you are watching a video with a detergent bottle, you can hover over that bottle and click on a link to purchase that detergent. If you are watching a clip form a movie, when your mousee hovers over an actress you can click a link to her imdb page.

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Fuisz CEO Justin Fuisz said that his company had data proving users engaged at higher rates with videos powered by its technology. "This is a tool which gets brands excited about producing content for YouTube," Fuisz told TheWrap via e-mail.

The deal make sense for ZEFR, which recently launched a new program to to help brands identify videos with their products on YouTube, monetize those videos and build better ad campaigns with the information provided by ZEFR.

"Content creators are looking to own the experience and drive more engagement from one video to the next," Jason Kirk, ZEFR's head of business development, told TheWrap via email. "Fuisz's technology, along with our own, are examples of how we help our clients curate and program their content effectively so it leads to increased consumption of their videos on YouTube."