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Zippity Doo-Dah: A Fake Zucker Hits Twitter

It’s come to this: A Conan loyalist posing as NBC U’s chief executive. Make it stop!

First, a fake Conan O’Brien on Fox Twitter account. Now: Fake Zucker.

Yup, somebody has decided to mock the NBC U CEO with a comedy feed that pretends to be from Mr. Z. We didn’t even ask NBC if this was real. But you can follow it here and judge its comedic value for yourself.

Sample tweet:

"Can’t wait to get out of the office," bogus Zucker writes. "Heading over to a friend’s place to pick up the puppy I gave his kid seven months ago."


If Team Coco’s not careful in its Zucker-bashing, as funny as much of it is, it does threaten a backlash — particularly among media types who love to stand out by tweaking the current conventional wisdom. And, since O’Brien may end up coming out of this richer and more popular than ever, too much bashing could backfire by appearing to be bullying.

Four words for Coco’s army of fans: Quit while you’re ahead.