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Zombie Explosions and Bus Crashes Highlight ‘Walking Dead’ Season 5 Trailer (Video)

AMC hit promises more action, more human conflicts and plenty more zombies in Sunday, Oct. 12 return

With less than a month before the Season 5 premiere, AMC rolled out the official trailer for “The Walking Dead.” With zombie explosions and bus crashes, the trailer promises a season packed with more action than we’ve seen in a long time.

“Cross any of these people, you kill ‘em,” Rick is heard in a voiceover. “Don’t hesitate. They won’t.”

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Presumably he’s talking about the people of Terminus, who had Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his crew locked in a train car at the end of Season 4. Of course, they get out, and the trailer seems to feature a lot of footage from the premiere of them making their way through Terminus after their escape.

While there’s plenty of human action on the horizon, the trailer didn’t forget about the zombies. Aside from the very cool looking zombie explosion, there were plenty of walkers shambling around creating another layer of danger for our favorites to survive.

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The team is reunited for the first time in a long time as Season 5 opens, but they’re not in a great position. How many of them will survive the premiere?

“The Walking Dead” kicks off its fifth season on Sunday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.