'132 Lb Scrotum’ Star Wesley Warren Dead at 49

'132 Lb Scrotum' Star Wesley Warren Dead at 49

Subject of TLC special died after suffering a heart attack

Wesley Warren, the star of the TLC special “The Man With the 132 Lb Scrotum,” died Friday after suffering a heart attack, TheWrap confirmed. He was 49.

The special, which aired last August, chronicled Las Vegas resident Warren's struggle with the medical condition scrotal lymphedema, which caused his scrotum to swell. The condition made it difficult to perform simple tasks such as walking, preparing meals and going to the restroom.

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“TLC is saddened to hear about the sudden loss of Wesley,” the network told TheWrap in a statement. “He was a lovely man who bravely told his story, and we share our condolences with his family and friends.”

The special, which was produced by Firecracker Films and distributed by Zodiak Rights for TLC, chronicled Warren's efforts to find appropriate medical care and raise funds for surgery to alleviate his condition.


  • Paladin

    Guy had balls telling his story.

    • Kris

      I see what you did there

  • vicki

    Rest in peace, you are now PERFECT in all ways with God, no more suffering

    • Joe E Dangerously


  • Sal

    Those 100 Virgins are gonna be like what the fuck dude!

    • Mandy

      Don't be a heartless asshole. Hmm..maybe you will think twice if you had family or someone close to you suffering.

  • butterfliez2u

    RIP, probably lugging around that scrotum for that long put a toll on his heart, shame on the doctors that would not help this man all those years

    • Joe E Dangerously

      I'm from Vegas. Several doctors offered to do the procedure for free. He refused all of them. I know someone who knows a friend of his and apparently he wanted to be famous and get a book deal and he was afraid that if he did the procedure everyone would forget about him and he'd not be able to capitalize. This was not a recluse. It was not unusual to see him around town. He was pretty flamboyant. The rumor is he was turned down by the publisher who was initially interested and then he arranged to have the operation done. The offer he took was not even close to the first. Actually, a very well respected local surgeon with a spotless record offered to do it years ago. This stuff is not a secret and many Las Vegans know it.

      So no, there are no doctors who “would not help this man.” That simply is not the reality.

  • Kari Thompson

    He did end up getting it removed. I saw the show. I am glad he got some time free of the stress. My heart goes out to his family.

  • Blue Jade Hawaii

    I don't get why doctors or medical centers do not remove these growing tumors when they are still little; you can tell something is abnormal as it keeps growing so why not nip it in the bud before it disables a person and costs too much money to repair.

    • Robert Moore

      I'm fairly sure he initially avoided the procedure. I thought he was initially afraid of losing his penis.

      • Joe E Dangerously

        I'm from Vegas. This guy is very famous here. He did avoid the procedure but initially the chances of complication were small and there are ways to restore functionality. Several local doctors have been interviewed about it. Friends of his have said he was rather taken with the attention he got and didn't do the operation because he would rather still be famous. He didn't drive so he rode the bus everywhere and it was not unusual to see him around town. You'd be surprised how small a town Vegas really is. But several doctors offered to do it for free and the chance that he would lose his penis were really not that great and he would most likely have been able to get something done. Maybe he was so afraid of losing it that he didn't do the operation but according to people who know him personally he seemed to want to avoid it to get a book deal. He was afraid that if he did the procedure he'd only have a little bit of time to sell his book before everyone forgot about him. Apparently he finally did it when he was turned down by a publisher. That's the rumor, anyway. I know this seems very harsh but I know someone who knows a friend of his and from what I've heard he wasn't a very good guy and it was entirely plausible that he wanted to be famous and saw an opportunity. I didn't know him personally but this stuff is not a secret around here. I've heard some stories about the guy that lead me to believe that's accurate.

  • Kenya Caramelbrownsuga Harris

    So sad i seen the show he seemed like a really nice guy RIP

  • Nat


  • Darian Chinn

    That's sad the doctors wouldn't help him. But they bring foreigners here an treat them for free. Sad country.

    • Joe E Dangerously

      I'm from Vegas. This guy's been a local news story for years. Many local doctors (and some out of state) offered to do the procedure for free. He refused every one of them.

  • Kanni Bassativa

    I wouldn't say he was a hero – but he sure had balls!!!

  • dannyjude63

    RIP, Sir.

  • Cathy CC.

    Just how big would ones scrotum get before you say Hummmm maybe I should take the free surgery being offered. Looks like he brought it on himself.