Fox Finally Finds Its ‘Fantastic Four'; Jamie Bell Poised to Play The Thing (Exclusive)

Fox Finally Finds Its 'Fantastic Four'; Jamie Bell Poised to Play The Thing (Exclusive)

“House of Cards” star Kate Mara will play Sue Storm opposite Michael B. Jordan in Josh Trank's highly-anticipated comic book movie

Has 20th Century Fox found its “Fantastic Four?” It sure seems that way, as Hollywood was buzzing Wednesday with news that Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell are nearing deals to star in the studio's reboot of the popular comic book franchise, multiple individuals familiar with the superhero movie have told TheWrap.

20th Century Fox had no comment, while representatives for Teller, Mara and Bell did not immediately respond to TheWrap's request for comment.

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Insiders with knowledge of the drawn-out casting process have told TheWrap that Bell is in heavy discussions to play Ben Grimm, aka The Thing. Bell's name has never been mentioned in connection with the coveted superhero role, though it certainly makes sense as he has experience with motion-capture performances, having starred in Steven Spielberg‘s “The Adventures of Tintin.” However, there is no official deal in place for Bell yet.

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Jordan is set to play Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch, while Mara is in final negotiations to play his sister Sue Storm, aka the Invisible Woman. It remains unclear how the film will explain their relationship as siblings — whether one will be adopted or if they share a parent.

Teller is the studio's top choice to play team leader Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, and while the “Whiplash” star is eager to tackle the role, there is a significant obstacle that must be overcome first.

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Teller plays Peter in the upcoming tentpole “Divergent” and has a deal to reprise his role in the sequel “Insurgent,” which is expected to start production in Louisiana at the same time as “Fantastic Four.” If his shooting dates can't be worked out with “Insurgent” studio Lionsgate/Summit, the role of Mr. Fantastic may have to be recast.

While one studio source cautions that chemistry between the four actors is vital to the casting process and if Teller's deal doesn't close, it could affect the casting of The Thing, another insider told TheWrap that Bell is unlikely to be impacted by Teller's casting.

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Jordan and Teller recently co-starred in “That Awkward Moment” and are planning to reteam with director Tom Gormican on an untitled heist movie in development at Warner Bros.

Mara and Bell share their own history, as both are attached to star in the indie boxing movie “Fighting Jacob,” which coincidentally is being produced by Jordan's manager Kenny Goodman.

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Josh Trank (“Chronicle”) is directing the “Fantastic Four” reboot, which Fox will release on June 19, 2015.

  • Randy Watson & Sexual Chocolat

    Bring it.

  • Matt Clayton

    Didn't Fox move The Fantastic Four from March 6 to June 19? You might need to revise that…

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    Not bad

  • Josh White

    I can see this coming together.

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    Absolutely terrible

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    The horror of casting four talented actors to dress up in spandex! What an atrocity!

  • Mac Smith

    Haha is Alba too old already? This looks like the worst reboot yet.

  • Dennis Sweatt

    Highly anticipated? Not exactly.

  • Shard

    Soooooo… Fox is planning on this movie failing?

  • Michael Saint Evens

    I'm going to give this movie a chance. I see this as a BSG style re-imagining. Hasn't been done with any superheroes, because comic book fans are actually the worst!

    Love, a self-loathing comic book fan.

    PS- I do think these kids are too you. But w/e. I haven't read the script.

  • bookdog

    Even Ben Affleck is laughing at this fuckery. I'm black and I think this sucks azz, the whole movie should be re-cast. Sue and Johnny are brother and sister wtf……

    • Phillip Bauer

      Maybe Johnny's adopted doesn't really make a difference

      • Nix_Nightbird

        You're right. I look forward to the reboot of Blade starring Justin Bieber.

    • Sharna

      Same father different
      mother. I'm black I have seen siblings that have different ethnicity (look at Obama
      and his sister from his Mother's side).

  • John Wilbanks

    This is great news! Marvel Studios will finally get the FF franchise back after this one fails! I for one will not be seeing it!

    • Karolina

      LMFAO, I've been saying the exact same thing! I'm happy they are fukin this up.

  • Zedkate

    What if in fact; it will be BELL as Human Torch and JORDAN as the THING
    I mean, I really love the cast as it is now but I don't see Bell as Ben Grimm ^^

  • Keith Elliot

    Isn't Bell only 5'7”? How is he a giant with a heart? He couldn't even be an astronaut at that height!

    • Phillip Bauer

      I heard he'd be motion capture

    • Dude

      Astronauts are short…

  • kryvickto

    Aahahahahahahaha oh MAN. This is going to be one of the WORST superhero flicks ever. Complete miscasting on every level here. All they need to do to complete the massive disaster this will be is to make Dr. Doom a woman.

    • Phillip Bauer

      My least fav is miles not sure he can be serious

  • WWFbetterthanWWE

    WOW you guys just topped Batfleck as the WORST CASTING EVER

  • gumperman

    So this is how movie news gets spread nowadays. Rumors from “multiple individuals familiar with the superhero movie”. Why report news as fact when it may never be true?

  • Cyclops

    First they screw up Batman, and now they screw up FF. I can see Bell as a pre-radiated Ben Grimm, but that definitely means CGI post-metamorphosis. I can't remember any CGI-drtiven main character working yet. And I enjoyed Chicklis's makeup-driven version in the first two movies. Bleach Mara's hair and she could possibly work. I have seen and liked her in several other roles. Teller? Maybe. Jordan? The less said the better. When has a re-imaged comic bpok movie worked? The re-imaged BSG worked because it had fewer expectations. With the recent crop of Marvel movies, just the opposite is true here.

  • Robert

    what`s next?Black Panther would be Jack Black???or peter parker a mexican???wtf marvel

    • Phillip Bauer

      Peter Parker could be Mexican the guy playin spider man was south American or something in the social network

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        I think he's British…..

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        As long as he looks white it's ok? Wtf
        Also the other person is correct he's British.

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      Except the black panthers race is important to his charecter……. Johnny storm just needs to light on fire… So?

  • Paul Miller

    “Highly anticipated?” I think you do not understand the meaning of this.

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    Oh haha! The Fantastic Teens! Excuse me while I go punch everyone at Fox!

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    I see fox wants to return the FF to Marvel

  • Ward P

    Kate Mara is the bomb. She can rock just about anything she's in. Good on her!

  • Calvin Murphy

    This is as friggin’ retarded as it gets. Yeah right, a black man on fire, the only thing missing from the Nelson Mandela Necklacing movies. And his sister is a goofy invisible white bitch: “It will be hard to explain their relationship as siblings.”
    She has to be invisible to keep from constantly getting raped by Thugnacious.
    Children, children, children. If Hollywood had one brain cell, worthless goddamn Jamie Bell types would be used as extras in Saw movies.