ABC Condemns ‘Bachelor’ Star Juan Pablo Galavis’ Anti-Gay Comments: ‘Careless, Thoughtless and Insensitive’

ABC Condemns 'Bachelor' Star Juan Pablo Galavis' Anti-Gay Comments: 'Careless, Thoughtless and Insensitive'

Galavis later apologizes on his Facebook page: “English is my second language … because of this, sometimes I use the wrong words to express myself”

ABC, “The Bachelor” executive producers and Warner Horizon Television on Saturday were quick to condemn the sweeping anti-gay comments of “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo Galavis, who told a reporter the night before that gays were “more pervert” while saying an LGBT contestant on the show would be “too much” for TV.

The entirety of the statement:

“Juan Pablo's comments were careless, thoughtless and insensitive, and in no way reflect the views of the network, the show's producers or studio.”

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The network did not address whether there would be any disciplinary or reparative action on the part of Galavis, the the 32-year-old American-born Venezuelan, retired soccer pro and father to a 4-year-old daughter.

Later in the day, Galavis posted his version of an apology on his Facebook page:


I want to apologize to all the people I may have offended because of my comments on having a Gay or Bisexual Bachelor. The comment was taken out of context. If you listen to the entire interview, there's nothing but respect for Gay people and their families. I have many gay friends and one of my closest friends who's like a brother has been a constant in my life especially during the past 5 months. The word pervert was not what I meant to say and I am very sorry about it. Everyone knows English is my second language and my vocabulary is not as broad as it is in Spanish and, because of this, sometimes I use the wrong words to express myself. What I meant to say was that gay people are more affectionate and intense and for a segment of the TV audience this would be too racy to accept. The show is very racy as it is and I don't let my 5 year old daughter watch it. Once again, I'm sorry for how my words were taken. I would never disrespect anyone.


Juan Pablo Galavis.

  • Gerard Kennelly

    telling the truth in America is “too much”

    • Peluche

      Juan Pablo, you are a disgrace to yourself, the show and even your Venezuelan followers. Here you are, from Venezuela, with the opportunity of your life and guess what? You spoiled it all the way. ONLY Chavez would have been proud of you and made it as bas as you did. Only roaches live in that little brain of yours. Shame of you.

      • Steven D. Freedman


      • Linda Simmons

        I am proud of him. They gay lifestyle is perversion and that is the truth. WHo cares what you think about Juan Pablo–what has the homo lifestyle produced(definitely no children)- but has produced hiv,, aids and death- that does not sound so good to me. Juan Pablo has some morals , I know that may be a foreign word to you but thank GOD someone does.

        • Akane’ Tendo

          You are truly ignorant. And full of God. Good for you. I hope it all goes well for you when you pass. Hmm..let's see what we have here in the book of life for you…oh, you made mean and hateful comments about people. Good for you! Good for you! Step right in! With the rest of them.

        • Tori

          so true…. Linda…..Akane is the type pf trash that can't stand on her own… truth be told

    • BG

      Who are you to determine what's “truth” or not? Honesty is different. Truth is a matter of fact. Not opinion.

      • Guest

        Obama has tip toed around gay marriage
        nobody complains
        yet this guy gets hate for being brutal honest
        straight people want to watch what they consider normal people not what some PC hypocrite thinks they should see

        • Linda Simmons

          Obama is bisexual himself. That is why the gays backed him so heavily with their money. Obama will come out soon. WHy do you think Michelle drew up divorce papers while in the white house–Cheating-with men and women maybe– Michelle is no fool !

          • Gerard Kennelly

            ohhhhhh bama

      • Linda Simmons

        I have my truth and you have yours. I don't want your truth anywhere near mine. And by the way “truth” is what is REAL not just an opinion. The gay community brought AIDS to the USA and has caused many, many deaths due to perversion. THAT IS THE REAL TRUTH.

        • Akane’ Tendo

          Wow, what a mean hateful person you are, Linda. You must be full of Christ. And you truly need to educate yourself. The gay community did NOT bring AIDS to the USA. It was an infected immigrant from Haiti who was heterosexual. So you see, your truth is just some lie you made up in your head to validate the reasons you hate so much. I wouldn't want to ever meet you in person because you are ugly inside and out.

    • Tori

      it is called a good bitch slapping

  • Dave

    So, he doesn't explain why he used the word “pervert(ed)”…what word WAS HE using? Liar. Closet case. Pathetic.

    • Lame

      Not agreeing with the guy, but saying he's secretly gay because he's opposed to homosexuality is such a played meme and also pathetic.

      Those who are racist against blacks are secretly black?

      Anti-semites = secretly Jewish?

      Fat bashers = secretly fat?

      • Guest

        secretly fat ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

      • Spanner1960

        Please explain how you can possibly hide being black, Jewish or fat. If gay people were born with a permanent pink triangle on their foreheads, I imagine life would be a whole lot easier for everybody concerned, but they aren't.

    • Linda Simmons

      The gay lifestyle is perversion. Are you literate?

      • Guest

        @ Linda
        do you,, back door ? ? ?

  • Summer Smith

    He has now committed the unforgivable sin. Do not speak ill against homosexuality. He was right the first time. “More pervert”.

    • LargoLagg

      Like “More Cowbell”… “more pervert”!

    • Jay

      I don't think a guy who does a show like “the Bachelor” should be doling out moral opinions.

      • Linda Simmons

        And since when did gays have morals. And why should anyone listen to you doing out your immoral opinions !!

    • Guest

      watch Obama body language when he boasted about a country for
      ” young or old, black or white, gay or straight ”
      he looks down when he says gay

  • Rex Rexmano


    • RDecker

      He has a right to his opinion! Whatever it truly was. It didn't hurt anyone or break any laws. Did it offend a lot of people? Yes! Me included! I have my opinion! I don't have to watch him! Or Duck Dynasty! Or Sherri Steward, or whatever the hell her name is! My opinion is believe whatever the hell you want. Because I am! Say whatever you want, because I am! You may be right, or I may be right. We will all see in the end!
      Now back to my opinion. People that pick and choose from the bible, to fit their own beliefs, will be the first to burn in hell! And they are judging, which will get them a few more logs on the fire!
      I once had a woman tell me, in front of a large group of colleagues, that she loved me, but what a shame it was that I was going to burn in hell! Verbatim! I laughed and said “Well, thanks. This coming from a woman with 3 kids, from 3 different men. None of which you were married to. And 2 nights before, you were caught screwing a man in the clean linen closet! So, keep hell warm for me until I get there!”
      I have no problem with what people say or believe! That is their right! But I have my rights, also!
      As long as it doesn't break any laws, or hurt anyone, go for it!
      But you really shouldn't live in a glass house if you're going to spew bullshit!

  • Mel

    “More affectionate and intense?” And too “racy” for the Bachelor? A show where multiple women spend the night with a man they hope to “snag” and many more get topless. Yeah it's such a classy show. Way to apologize. ha

    • Steven D. Freedman

      I agree….if it weren't for the HOT guys on the show, I would NEVER watch it!

  • too345

    ABC's condemnation is offensive. They use public airwaves. It's not their role to be a social arbiter or morality police. All they should've said was the man was asked a question, he answered honestly, and his views do not necessarily reflect those of ABC. End of story.

    • mike ball

      AMEN , Everyone has an opinion and thank God …… What was the guy or anyone else to do when asked a question????? Be dishonest with his answer???? I wouldn't know if it is too perverted for the major networks in the future hopefully the gays will have there own network for gay viewing shows giving all an option …..its not natural for 2 men/women to have sex and that's my opinion…..HOWEVER if 2 men agree to have sex l would never condemn them… they have the same right to have an honest opinion as l do……

      • sgrx10

        Gays have not only one, but two, networks of their own.

        They're called NBC and ABC.

        • Steven D. Freedman

          That's Right!

        • BG

          What are you talking about?

        • Guest

          GLEE has caused ”experimentation”
          telling insecure kids to be yourself
          a lot of sore asses have been caused

      • Harold Ober

        If your talking about values and morals make sure your not on a show for money and women..Hmm Yeah Thank God about that…LOL

      • Spanner1960

        Swap the word “gay” for “black” or “Asian” and see how acceptable it would be.

        Being gay is between the ears, not the legs.
        Why are you bigots so obsessed about sex?

    • Jay

      A dating-show bachelor giving opinions on morals. Hmm.

  • DD

    Nothing he said was incorrect

  • vtoria2121

    Juan was saying what he thought. I would not watch a dating show that was about Gays and Lesbians. I could not sit through it with out being uncomfortable watching them in such a romantic situation.. I have nothing against the lifestyle, I was just raised in a different time and that is something that I am not use to. ABC should understand that always trying to be politically correct is offensive to a whole lot of people who think for themselves and won't be bullied into apologizing for being honest.

  • christilove1


    • Steven D. Freedman

      It is NOT a choice ignorant one!!!!! No one chooses to be who and what they are!! God made me in His image and I have been blessed!!

      • Hippocrates

        “God made me in His image”

        Sexist! But that's the gay man's hypocrisy

      • Keep Honkin, I'm Reloading

        you have been cursed actually

        • bb

          People forget that a sin is a sin in God's eye. So if gays are sinning then the person who steal even $2.00 is also committing a sin and they will both go to hell. It is a pity that people always forget that. Even divorce in the bible is described as a sin just like being gay. The best thing is to just pray for each other and shut up.

          • Guest

            life is bittersweet like lemonade

          • jj

            You just have to clean it and it's fine. Girls have to clean thier body part too.

          • Guest

            man + woman = baby
            man + man = nothing
            woman + woman = nothing

          • Spanner1960

            It seems plenty of it is coming out of your mouth as well.

          • Mr. Orwell

            Sin is sin but all sin is not equal in its effects or consequences. God classifies sexual sin (of all types) as being more serious due to the effect on the individual as well as society. Sexual sin damages the spirit because of the emotional attachments that come from intimacy as well as disease that spreads among those who are not monogamous or engage in acts that cause disease because they are contrary to nature. As far as “sin is sin”, gays who accept the salvation that Jesus purchased with His blood will not “go to hell”, all sin will be forgiven. The heterosexual who steals $2.00 will go to hell if he rejects God in Christ, not only for the $2.00 but for all her sin past, present and future.

          • Spanner1960

            Who gives a damn about what your imaginary sky fairies have to say about it in 2000yo books?

    • jimbo

      Why don't you tell us what you really think?

  • Fly love

    What this stupid thing think he is, you think gay couples are not good example on TV, but you act like a whore bitch surrounding 20 women, is that a good example for children? He should be banned and not show on TV anymore, dum and stupid, what stupid woman wanna this guy?

    • Steven D. Freedman

      I AGREE!

    • LargoLagg

      One mang no surround twenty weeman. Twenty weeman surround one mang.

      Children should watch cartoons, not players or bone smugglers.

    • Hmm

      So you were fine with the show's concept when the contestants were pro-gay.. right, gotcha

  • christilove1

    Glad to see there are still some real men out there!—#endangeredspecies

  • Rebecca Markert

    If it were so bad, why was it not edited from the show. This is such an edited show anyway. They leave in what they want?Right?

    • Tori

      Damn you r good!!!!! it was a set up

  • Steven D. Freedman

    I would say get another Bachelor!!!! Simple as that…..I am offended!!!!

    • LargoLagg

      There's a cure for that… the off button.

      • Guest

        There's a cure for that… the AiDS virus.

    • Keep Honkin, I'm Reloading

      trust me…nobody gives a **** that you're offended. And even if you were, so what?

    • Linda Simmons

      I say boycott ABC and the bachelor until they apologize to Juan Pablo. If you are offended too bad. You are dealing with perversion and want us to sugar coat it and say it is nice and good–well it is not. It is perversion, deviate and unnatural. It represents death(no kids) of the human race and disease-HIV aids and people being used only for their flesh.

    • Linda Simmons

      I am offended that you would try to get rid of Juan Pablo because he does not agree with you. You are a narrow minded bully. Trying to take away an opportunity for Juan Pablo to find love. You are a bully and a vile person.

  • LargoLagg

    Let him believe what he wants to believe. Who wants a bachelor that can appreciate the appeal of a log in your Republican cabin?

  • Mike

    Boycott ABC.

  • Barbara Singleton

    What I don't understand is why they even asked Juan Pablo this question, anyway. Questions like this should be handled by the executive producers or PR. He is just this season's bachelor. Trying to get a story, so they blow everything out of proportion. I think we should all be entitled to our personal opinion.

  • 2straight4u

    What Juan Pablo first said was spot on, regardless of his less than complete English vocabulary, and he didn't need to offer any apologies. They are perverted, and their lifestyle is illegitimate. Screw ‘em! Of course to do so, you'd have to use the back door.

    • Guest

      just a
      spoon full
      of sugar
      helps the medicine go down

  • Jed Clampett

    VILE SICKOS.He is right all fagggots are sick vile child molesters.they are hated in all societies.these rotten scourge of the earth pedaphiles.The truth hurts that they are nasty sexual deviants and will never be accepted for there sick vile ways.

    • Guest

      love is love

      to each his own

      • Linda Simmons

        I you email me again I will be calling the police. You need some real psychiatric help. But I will call the police and the FBI if needed.

        • Spanner1960

          Go right ahead.
          Some of us don't live in your backwards, bigoted country.

  • salsa king

    Juan Pablo, being a bilingual latino myself, I know exactly what you meant. You thought “perverso” which for us means affectionate, daring, not afraid to demonstrate
    ones feelings or emotions. You need to think first before you speak. I know you didn't mean to upset or disrespect the Gay community.

  • chanctob

    The only ones who feel they need to apologize to gay people for slipping up and saying the truth, is celebs and actors, because their career and how much money they can make is on the line. The average person who works hard and doesn't have to worry about gay backlash speaks the truth and doesn't worry who is offended. The truth is the truth, if gay people don't like it, tough. Homosexuality is perverted, disgusting and immoral. They say they don't have a choice. They do. You Choose to buy a ford or not, you choose to go to work today or not, you choose to have gay sex or not. It's a choice, lifestyle. Heterophobics choose to have gay sex and and make their lifestyle known to the public, so they should learn how to deal with people's opinions of it or don't make a public thing of it.

    • Gerard Kennelly

      can two men reproduce ?
      no.. but god knows we keep trying
      Harvey Milk

  • Lillian Atkinson

    Freedom of Speech Baby……….1st Amendment in the Constitution. You don't have to agree with his opinion. ABC is a joke……….it should be allot more concerned with what they air during the day and evening when kids and teenagers are awake and up…..because they don't care about this…..I think their opinion is as worthless as a PISSANT !!!

    • jimbo

      As is yours.

    • Tori

      Bravo, Bravo, Bravo

  • Peggy Williams

    We forgive you Juan. Move on with the show. It's great.

  • Angelina

    I think Juan Pablo is one of the kindest men around. I don't feel his answer was a bit defensive. I am for equality and all of this nit-picky stuff is sickening. Who hasn't put their foot in their mouth? And as English, not the easiest language to learn, is his second language that he is still acquiring–give the guy a break. And he is entitled to his feelings. Change for the world doesn't happen over night, geez! Unreal. And ABC's condemnation is offensive, all they really care about is the MONEY! I finally am watching the show again, in part, because of Juan Pablo's demeanor, charisma and the fact that he truly doesn't want to exploit the women on the show or himself…he is a joy to behold…very decent and concerned about his daughter and how he portrays himself. Take that ABC! Should have issued a more peaceful sentiment….

  • The Master

    Oh please, what a bunch of bull! This dude is hateful and disrespectful, no matter how he tries to backtrack. If you ask me, I think he's had a sample of manlove himself. I'd be willing to wager a bet on it!

  • Gerard Kennelly

    he looks like Bradley Cooper

  • jj

    What he should have said was that he didn't feel right about having gays on the show because he wouldn't pick any of them

  • Mr. Orwell

    Did anyone else read George Orwell's 1984? We are obligated to be civil to one another, but dismissing those who disagree with our point of view by calling them a “hater” is newspeak. There are many people posting here who would surely alert the Thought Police and confine this bachelor fellow to the Ministry of Love.

  • Alexandra

    We caught JP several times spying on fellow soccer players while they were in the showers, so what is he talking about. He needs a reality show to get a girl, really or to stop the ‘rumors’ that he fancies guys? JP, don't hide your preference, be a man not a mouse and don't ruin the girls’ life,

  • Linda Simmons

    The gay lifestyle is PERVERSION. I thought this was the land of the free– It is a deviant and perverse lifestyle even gays know that–so what is the problem. If it was a normal lifestyle we would not even be talking about. It will always be perversion.

    • Guest

      what happens in the bedroom USED to be private
      past tense

  • Linda Simmons

    if I was Juan Pablo, I would quit the show and stand up for what I believe –he is not going to find a real wife there anyway. The show has what about 3 marriages to date.

  • Linda Simmons


  • Linda Simmons

    Why would he have to apologize –He is correct

    • Robbie Nelson

      He's only apologizing to kiss ass and stay out of trouble.

  • Linda Simmons


  • jimbo

    Juan Pablo is an idiot and should be kicked off the show.

  • Terrid

    SHAME ON YOU ABC for setting up Juan Pablo and not standing behind him I guess bachelors are not allowed to have an opinion that is not politically correct. Juan Pablo has nothing to do with picking the next bachelor, why is anyone even asking him his opinion on having a GAY bachelor… I'm trusting they also asked his opinion on an Asian bachelor and Africian American Bachelor and Handicapped bachelor and Mentally Challenged bachelor and the SR. Citizen bachelor right? If not why limit it to GAY…. absurd!!! and really who cares what he thinks… What does ABC think about it?? … obviously not in favor of any of the above or we would have seen it. WHY ARE WE SO AFRAID OF THE GAY MOVEMENT!! WHY CAN'T WE NOT THINK IT'S APPROPRIATE FOR TV?? WHY CAN'T WE NOT THINK IT'S OK? WAKE UP AMERICA… QUIT BEING AFRAID TO NOT BE POLITCALLY CORRECT.

  • donald

    ABC I would like to see you have a bachelor to bachelor season to show your thoughtfulness and sadness for this comment…so when will it be on this season or next. at least I'll know when your last season will be airing making Juan Pablo say he is sorry for HIS believes is un-American .. you have no right and if your contestants are to be robots then you need to stop the show now

  • Chuck

    I believe his apology, and the second language excuse. He is too intelligent to be anti-gay.

  • Carol

    We (the public) are being stifled in our religious beliefs re gay behavior. All I want to say is remember, America has FREEDOM OF SPEECH. WHAT we can say is that gay behavior for ME would be wrong. I realize we have to live and let live, so they have a right to live the way they want to live and I love and respect my fellow man. But for ME it would be wrong to live that lifestyle because of my belief system. So quit stifling us. Let us have the freedom to state our beliefs for OUR lives, we are not pushing it on others. I do believe the gay community and the media are pushing values on society that a lot of us do not have.

    • Robbie Nelson

      Exactly, he shouldn't have to apologize for something that he believes in because then it would be fake!

  • Leslie

    Freedom of speech….
    Have a gay daughter and when I asked her about gay bachelor or bachelorette she laughed. Think about it, gay bachelor and 25 bachelors in the same house. What a mess! Everyone would be dating each other. The guys would find love with the other guys. A bachelorette with 25 bacheloretts, there could potentially be 13 couples at the end of the show????
    It wouldn't work!

  • Tori

    why is Pablo any more offensive then the gays , they lie about their style, call names, and act like childish individuals… he is just telling his honest feeling….ABC sick… i don't watch their channel, haven't wathced them for over 3 years

  • James Haley


  • Brett Cassis

    Juan is a vain tool. Poor daughter. Growing up with a prik for a father.