Dailies | ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Comic-Con Teaser Leaks Online (Video)

Iron Man's helmet transforms into the head of the Marvel team's newest foe, robotic supervillain Ultron

Couldn't make it to Comic-Con this year to catch Marvel's official presentation of the first teaser trailer for “Avengers: Age of Ultron”? Well it's your lucky day, because the video has leaked online two months after debuting in the San Diego Convention Center's Hall H.

As rabid Marvel fans may have read in the past, the video features an Iron Man helmet transforming into the head of robotic antagonist, Ultron, who will be played by James Spader (“Boston Legal”).

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TheWrap noted in the past that the teaser trailer suggests that the film will not draw directly from a recently-completed 10-issue comic book arc titled “Age of Ultron,” where the malevolent artificial intelligence was the creation of Ant Man's scientific alter ego, Hank Pym.

Instead, it looks like fans should expect Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) to create the baddest bot the world has ever encountered when the “Avengers” sequel lands in theaters on May 1, 2015.

“We're doing our own version of the origin story of Ultron. In the origin story there was Hanky Pym, so a lot of people assumed he was going to be in the mix — but he's not,” director Joss Whedon said in July at Comic-Con. ”We sort of are crafting our own version of it, where his origin comes from the Avengers we already know about.”

Still reading this? Stop now. Disney may not allow that video (above) to stay online for much longer.

  • Johhny Tbone

    ”We sort of are crafting our own version of it, where his origin comes from the Avengers we already know about.”


    • Robert Thompson

      You're one of those people that bitches about hollywood not having stories of their own to tell and sticking too closely to the comics on movies like this. Then when they do decide to go a different direction with a character, you slam them for not being true to the character. Aren't you?

      • Johhny Tbone

        not really, but it seems like it is being geared more towards Iron Man than The Avengers…

      • Dano

        How in the hell are they going to make anything of Ant-Man if he doesn't create Ultron? He's just gonna be some guy who's good with science, can shrink or grow super large?

        I dunno, I'm just not seeing it yet. Let's stay hopeful…

    • Cliffhanger77

      I trust Whedon on this one. I think he sort of proved himself with that first little Avengers movie, no?

      • Evelz6

        Even he admits it's heavily error filled and leans on a cliche script structure. It made the money cause of the name. That said, I did enjoy it and like Ultron so I can't wait… however, we ALL know that 8-9 out of 10x sequels never measure up. I'm sure this is going to be much better cause of the lessons learned on the 1st film, but he can still mess it up in various ways. He's not invulnerable to a failure.

        as @Tbone states, it's does seem to be the Stark show, since IM1. Even Cap appears to take more of a backseat role then he always has in ANY version of the mythos. That ain't right….

        • des_3

          People didn't go back again and again because of “the name.” The movie made $1.5 billion dollars. It wasn't a perfect movie, but considering the average returns on Thor & Captain America and two below average returns on The Hulk, Whedon's version was an astonishing success.

  • Vamroc M Sylar

    Sounds like Spader is going to propose that the Avengers are no longer needed because he has a robot (Basically THE SUPER ADAPTOID) who can do everthing they can do only better. He made the robot by recovering the wreckage of the Stark Drones, merging that tech with Exremis research, and possibly stealing a copy of the Jarvis program from the wreckage of Stark's home. .

  • Robert Haynes

    I was looking forward to Hank and Janet, although I figured they weren't going to appear once it was announced that TWO new Avengers were joining the team, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. 2+0=2 so no other “new” Avengers like Ant Man and Wasp. I expect Vision (and probably Hank and Janet too) to join Avengers 3 if Ant Man is successful.

    • Evelz6

      Me too.

      God forbid we get a story we know, told in a slightly different way… no, let's just completely ignore everything anyone has ever told us and just do what we want cause people will give us $ to do it anyway.

      It's like… I like Santa Clause. He's jolly and wears red and makes toys with elves for kids. BUT, let's say now he's a smart@$$ and wears hipster clothes while trolls make electronics for teens! That's how I feel about source material issues, lol, not to mention Coke would probably sue someone!

      • Chiryder

        not everyone is a fanboy.
        Deal with it. You want your comics? Go buy one.

  • MPA2000

    One of the worse concepts in comics. I absoultely hated the character and refused to every buy an issue he appeared in.
    Just because Adamantium is the fictional strongest material in the universe and theoretically unbreakable/unbendable, doesn't mean you have to build a freaking robot out of it.

    • Gyver

      What would build your super robot out of? scraps of aluminium or tin?

    • db

      magneto bends the shit out of it.

    • AJ2449

      or, It's actually great concept: a megalomaniac, indestructible robot with never ending Father issues.
      Hell, He even builds himself a Bride, using the brain patterns of his “Dad's” Wife! Ultron is totally Whack!
      (unfortunately it looks like the movie version won't be the same)

  • Randy

    Sounded more like the trailer from the first Avengers movie.

  • Davios Darkstone

    If there is no mention of Antman building Ultron in the movie… you have to wonder why Ultron's head looks like a stylized ant-head.

  • ratinator5

    I'm just saying, if this is really an “Official” trailer, it sure looks like a fake.

  • HalfAssHerb

    So many questions… Without Pim to create Ultron, how does it come to be? If Marvel has shown its willingness to mix storylines with Mandarin and Killian, could they use the same blender for, let's say, Ultron?

    If IM3 established that ” Extremis let's you hack into the hard drive of any living organism and recode its DNA”, could it allow Killian to hack into a weak Jarvis? Or could it explain how AIM found the owner's manual for IronWarPatriotMachine very quickly once the suit was opened? 

    Did Marvel already pushed the storyline blender's pulse button in the IM3 game if a dying Aldrich Killian can be downloaded into MODOK who in turn takes over Jarvis. Could that origin swirl be applied to TA2 thus allowing feu-Killian to create a nice Ultron suit for MODOK? 

    Could that combo make Stark feel responsible enough for that mess to overcome his panic attacks and suit up again? Or not? Could that explain why the TA2 teaser beats the h*ll out of an IM helmet to introduce Ultron? 

    Probably not…

  • faustiel

    I reckon its all deception with saying hank pym wont be the creator as they are super tight lipped about the ant man movie

  • JimBob The Great

    Dear god, if The Vision is in this, at all, Please let Paul Bettany be the guy to play him!!! Paul Bettany=The Vision! Tell me you can't see it!